3rd MHCT Workshop 

3rd Workshop MHCT - Mental Health Crisis and Treatment 

The Third Workshop on Mental Health Crisis and Treatment (MHCT) in Conjunction with the 15th International Conference on IHCI

November 07, 2023: 9:00am - 5:30pm 

Venue: 3rd Floor meeting room Daegu convention & visitors bureau  

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Meeting ID: 894 9094 3324

Passcode: 550303 

Organizers’ Name: Dr. David (Bong-Jun) Choi, Dr. Hanumant Singh Shekhawat, Prof. Dhananjay Singh 

Organization: Soongsil University, South Korea and IIT- Guwahati India 

Funding: This workshop is sponsored by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) and Department of Science and Technology India. 

Program Schedule:

9:30:00 Opening and Welcoming Address: David and Dhanajay

10:30 Talk 1: Shodhan: Nestorov acceleration method for singular value decomposition of tensors

11:00 Talk 2: Ho-min Park: "MuSe-Personalization 2023: Feature Engineering, Hyperparameter Optimization, and Transformer-encoder Re-discovery"

11:30 Talk 3: Esla Timothy Anzaku: "Leveraging Human-Machine Interactions for Computer Vision Dataset Quality Enhancement"

12:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00 Talk 4: Mark Whitaker: "A Holistic Review of Four Parameters of Schizophrenia and Technologies to Detect Them More Cheaply and Concurrently" (online)

14:30 Talk 5: Ankit Kumar Singh: Learning a Common Representation for Multi-Computer-Vision Tasks in Federated Settings 

15:00 Panel Discussion 

16:00 Closing